mamma mia

Sometimes food at a mediocre restaurant, with good friends, can be more fulfilling than a fancy sought-after meal at a top restaurant.

same with movies. mamma mia , for example

i love Abba . the first musical record i ever got was Abba, right after they won the eurovision song contest. and the fun i had singing along with it made me realize many small pleasures in life will come from music.

last week i went with the entire family to see the movie. i guess the musical was not enough saccharine . it was the first movie we went to see as a six-person-family now that Tal is almost 3.

by the end of the movie we were all singing Abba songs and had stupid smiles on our faces. life is good!

can you ask for more from a movie? here is a list of reasons why you should go and see it:

  • Meryl Streep – she is perhaps the best actress in history, and i believe in our lifetime
  • the simplicity and beauty of greek islands
  • to remind yourself how beautiful 20 year old kids can be
  • to see that basic thrills can have affect even after 40. especially if you allow yourself

and finally because some of Abba’s songs have lines that i believe have essential truth in them. what do we all want? money,money money ?

just simply for people to ‘take a chance on me’.

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