a 2nd chance at 1st impressions?

as we all see in blink, first impressions are powerful

but we never go around asking others ‘so, what are your first impressions of me?’

and we hardly get a second chance to make a first impression.

the johari window is a simple and powerful  tool to discuss first impressions.

Professor Vroom divided us into groups of six, asking us to disclose to each others some of the blind area in order to discover things about ourselves which we may not know. cute little team building exercise

before disclosing what was said about me a few observations on first impressions:

  • validity – this little things are often accurate; very!
  • persistence – it is tough to change them.
  • consistency – a group will often form similar first impressions of a member
  • consequences – first impressions have serious consequences. they affect how people behave towards you. got the job? your identity has influence here
  • opaque – it is unlikely to be communicated to you

here are some things the group said about me. for those who know me well this may be surprising:

my comments in blue

  • alternative occupation – teacher. nice! it is an unrealized passion. missed architect!
  • what animal would i be? a golden retriever: trusted and friendly.  i guess limor has got two
  • trait: perfectionist
  • what car do i own: mini van
  • what i would do in off hours?
  1. relax with friends/ nice meal. yeh!
  2. build things/hammer/lego. lego is how i spent many hours of my childhood.
  3. spent time in my work room at home, ‘mens den’. i wish i had one
  • music? classical rock
  • something else? you have 2 selves. ‘conflicted, but not confused’

so did we actually decrease the ‘hidden’ part which i expose to others the ‘blind’ in which i find out stuff about myself?

it seems to me that reducing the blind was the real purpose of the exercise, but how often is that rewarded in real life and does good to the feedback provider, the receiver and the connection between them?

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One Response to “a 2nd chance at 1st impressions?”

  1. Sagi Rubin Says:

    This excersize is great. I did this back in FBL… Its amazing how much (smart) people can read into your personality from just a very short interaction…

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