Saved 25£ ? see if you can get as far as greece

jane edwards spoke to us about international studies at yale

in the 60’s when she would save some money in england, she would hitchhike and see how far she can go.

in 1968 as an aupere in paris, and what a time to be in paris, she had no communication with mom for 5 months (french postal strike, phone too expensive)

regarding travel abroad, yale undergrads can study abroad, and get paid for it, she says that dur to dominance of english and ease of traveling,

‘no longer you have to immerse yourself in host cultures while traveling’.

in the mid 80’s when i did my grand tour, it was the inflection point. right, kevin?

importance of more emphasis on languages:

  • high school languages – no oral skills
  • what language you choose, impacts future behavior
‘i am really interested to talk about it at length, and therefore will stop’
on choice of curriculum in college,
‘why would you want your parents involved in this?’
most harvard recruits believe
  • it is the hardest thing they will do in their lives
  • they are an “admissions mistake”. and feel that way till late in the program 

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One Response to “Saved 25£ ? see if you can get as far as greece”

  1. Ran Arad Says:

    Keep writing, Adi! This is great stuff.

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