Our favorite coffee place

after getting several recommendations about coffee places in new haven, our favorite is not a coffee place, but a small super market where they also make coffee. romeo and cesare. it is not the favorite of the professors. its coffee is not organic, just italian. so why do we like it?

So, we moved to a new place. this can also happen during a one week vacation.

you want a good coffee place because it is a great way to start the day. then you find a dilemma. should i try another cafe or back to the same one?

if the first one was good enough, i find people want to go back. it is because of:

  • a sense of belonging. ‘our coffee place’
  • adversity to risk
  • simplicity
  • primacy effect – our minds give a lot of credit to firsts.
then, the people at the cafe starting getting to know you. they smile at you. they make eye contact with you. they start a small talk. they know how much sugar you like with the coffee. you can come in ask for ‘the regular’ and sit down read a paper until being served. At the table, not while waiting at the counter. everyone feels good. Limor has always preferred to shop where people know her. if possible, ones in which the owner is the seller,or family owned. it is a nice way to deal with urban life. enough of the big chains. over time you start building loyalty. and guilt if you buy elsewhere.

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One Response to “Our favorite coffee place”

  1. Ran Arad Says:

    זה יכול לקרות גם בסניף מקומי של רשת גדולה. אני למשל כבר הפכתי “קבוע” בסניף של ארומה מתחת למשרד שלך ושלי – וזה כיף מכל הסיבות שציינת

    איך התחילה שנת הלימודים

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