breaking the rules

sometimes, break the rules.

make sure it is for a limited time and not often

regarding a motor scooter, i was always told “don’t get one”:

  • i know. it is a question of time until is will be stolen
  • and, most importantly, it is not a question of if, a question of when you will have an accident and break your bones. or worse

so i got one. people here drive safely. or so i hope. it is brand new and light metalic blue

now, you start to ride and everyone smiles at you. people with a scooter just blink, like we share a secret, something others do not know, we are part of a secret cult.

i feel a bit guilty. that’s a good start. there are other reasons to get a scooter:

  • it is green. 100 miles per gallon
  • it is quick. need to go somewhere? no hesitation. you are there. you are back.
  • you feel the wind
  • simplicity
  • feel young again?

but it is risky. surprisingly, here, people can ride without a helmet. i say, no helmet, no scooter. but for those who do,Ā  how about a state law that says: no helmet on a motorbike, your are an automatic organ donor?

3 Responses to “breaking the rules”

  1. Sagi Rubin Says:

    That’s great. Its another one of those things you can only do Outside of Israel (unfortunately) – because drivers actually have respect for scooters / bikers on the road.
    I actually got a Foot powered scooter – Xooter (
    These things have been around for decades, but this design is really great, stable, very fast, light and strong (Carbon frame)

    I’ll race you šŸ™‚

  2. Ran Arad Says:

    הקהל דו×Øש ×Ŗמונו×Ŗ שלך על הקטנוע הי×Øוק

  3. Guy H Says:

    Ran, I think he clearly said “Metallic Blue”.
    And yes, photos please.

    I grew up reading Kishon, and I always wanted a “doctor” like his. Scooterman was obviously another role model of sort. On my first trip to Kos (Greek Island) I rented one, took me 2 hours to crash and 2 hours to ride back with my T-shirt tied around the wound. That was my last scooter ride.

    I wouldn’t race you then, take care or donate a kidney on my behalf.

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