don’t judge a book by its cover

a discussion about problem framing. how you frame an issue is crucial to decisions-outcome, ability to predict, gaining support to a position.


– challenge how a problem is framed

– power analysis is a good predictor of how issues are framed and solved, vs how they should

– the age of hyper-specialization. ‘experts’ with very narrow view. no common vocabulary to create conversations. we do not read the same books, just blogs.

Problem framing

problems are framed ‘onto us’ , but not by us.

so do not accept the first frame

hyper specialization:

– short term horizon

– no common vocabulary, books, values

– no conversation


power. should vs do. always analyze power and how it is not given up in a not-big way

big business has lots of power. corporates rule today more than ever

signposts, what are events telling us of trends

theory of victory for US foreign policy: co-opitition.

World problems and issues:

1648 westphalia (nation states)

nationalism is back, do not ignore it

in current power-play, unprecedented diversity of actors

Second nuclear age

iran vs israel. pakistan vs india. ukraine only nation in the world to give up nuclear power

nuclear power as a status symbol and access to money

are we losing the world’s ability to avoid crises?

so re-frame from nuclear ‘stop its spread’ to ‘ once its spread, how to make it less risky?’

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