The buck stops here

leadership and values – self interest. looking at the other (vs doing)

key takeaways:

self-interest, is highly demonstrable and infectious.

demonstrable – math is, ethics is not

self-interest. groups are more self-interested than individuals.

– selfish strategies more likely to come up in a group. is that a reason to group?

– communication (& voting) increases selfishness

– defensive cheating. ‘false’ consensus. others are cheating

‘selfish gene’ – vs ‘group gene’ are we better off surviving in a group without putting ourselves on top

Miller: the norm of self-interest.

– self-interest is self-fulfilling

– predicts behavior better than attitudes

– incentives can change the rules of the game: candle experience

please donate.


we really need it


i will give you a candle.

OK. (candle is not valued) but licensing got him to yes.

e.g paying kids to study.

lets play

i got to study.

are you kidding?

vs i got to study and i get paid. it is a ‘protection’, a license.

so, make incentives immediate, apparent, licensed.

immediate has dramatic effects.

charity is consumption of ‘feel good’?

parable of sadhu

i am really sympathetic, but someone else will do it. ‘i am part of a machine’. also, looking at the other (finding a wallet in the street, we are late to class). objectives and lack of robustness of goals/tasks.

research forbes sandle

a market for lemons

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