a beautiful mind

our role for social values

‘A beautiful mind’ is a movie about Nash, who came up with nash equilibrium, highly relevant for understanding prisoner’s dilemma which i would like to link to individual vs common good

does a company have a role other than making profits

it it has other values, how does it state it and act legitimately and sincerely within that envelope

responsibility to employees

MBA is not a profession. doctors are. so they have an ethos. should we redefine MBA?

people can have sincere social preferences, but once in the board room the perception is that they lose that sincerity

does size of CSR matter. small decision are fine, but big ones?

so need to put value (price) on values on other than money.

only with other payoff structure (police, government) can reach higher mutual rewards


prisoner’s dillemma,

nash equalibrium –

adam smith fallacy (friedman as well) that group is better off if every member does what is best off for them

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One Response to “a beautiful mind”

  1. Kevin Says:

    The “Adam Smith fallacy” is a red herring. The isolated individual who optimizes every decision for his own self-interest NARROWLY defined is a straw man. Smith and Friedman both recognize is that the natural units of civilization are the small groups – the family, the clan, the tribe, the “community” you romanticize so much. What Edmund Burke referred to as, “little platoons.” By identifying with these extended groups we value their goals and opportunities as much as our own because we are PART of the group. Not a prisoner’s dilemma at all. History and lore are full of examples to the contrary. It’s easy to find people who are ready to die for their platoon… just try finding someone willing to die for their bureacracy!

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