hudson hotel, nyc

last weekend we were in NYC.

around 9 pm, rami my friend called to see if i could stay and spend the night with him at the hudson. (brotherly love – the best!) that meant limor and the kids return on the train alone. thank you, limor, for making that possible! the amount of support i am getting is hard to match.

the hudson is my favorite hotel

here is why you should NOT book it next time in NYC:

  • rooms are very small. very. if you seat on the toilet, chances are you knees are touching the wall
  • prices can be high, unless michal helps with the bookings
  • the design can be dominating and is rather minimalistic
  • hallways are dark
  • HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning can be loud)

so why is it my favorite?

i spend about 80 days a year away from home. (you can count on that number coming down) several years it was over 100. most of these days i am alone. the schedule is packed. it is sad and lonely to get back to a hotel room at 11 pm and feel no humanity.

most hotels are what i call ‘brown’. you are in room B 72. the wallpaper does not match the carpet and both are ugly. the shampoo makes your hair dry. the heat cracks your hand. you feel like a grey-suited salesman in a large and empty world. hungry? there is a vending machine on the hallway beneath you. processed food. mmm…

at the hudson, you are alive.

great restaurant. nice drinks. a club that i active till 3 am 4 nights a week. people that are nicely dressed. a fantastic lobby. and ….

a library with a pool table. now, how hard is that for hotel-makers to put in?

i love that library. the fireplace. a great place to seat with friends or to have a business meeting. great coffee-table books.

and the design of philippe starck. yes he is way to popular. (limor and i got a chair of his[Pat Conley II] from all our returned wedding presents back in 91- it is a great lesson how one great thing is worth much much more than many mediocre ones). but starck’s design defines beauty. and it makes you realize how surrounding yourself with beauty makes you inspired. and boy, it is easy to compromise on greatness.

so the hudson is not just about beauty and public areas. it is essentially about being alive. you will understand me when you dance in the club at 2 am with people from 45 countries, 17 colors, and multiple age groups. the music can be better, but the dj gets everyone to dance. what can be wrong with that? it is particularly nice at nights when there are bachelorette parties.

so buy now, the hudson is a place of memories. probably been there 50 times. it is nice to go back to a place you know. you are familiar with the stores and businesses in the neighborhood. memories of weekends with limor (tal was made here, at the hudson) , with moshe my great friend from boston, the tough visits when i was CEO of sphera. there are many brushstrokes in my mind made with the hudson brush.

still, it would be nice if the rooms are larger.

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2 Responses to “hudson hotel, nyc”

  1. Ran Arad Says:

    רמי סיפר לי שנפגשתם בארה”ב – ממש קינאתי בו! אבל לשמחתי גם לי יש כבר תאריך לפגישה איתכם במנהטן, אז אפשר להשמיע צפירות ארגעה

    אני ממש לא הסתדרתי בהאדסון, בדיוק בגלל כל הדברים שהזכרת – היה לי חשוך וצפוף מדי. ושיגע אותי שאין בחדר ארון בגדים – או אפילו מגירת בגדים, או כל דבר אחר שאפשר להניח בו בגדים. בגדים על הרצפה זה כל כך לא תואם את החינוך הפולני שקיבלתי

    מזל שלאנשים שונים יש טעמים שונים



  2. Sagi Rubin Says:

    Agree, with Two comments:
    1. I think you deserve to get upgraded at Hudson from std room to suite… Those rooms must be larger?!

    2. There’s a few other great hotels with similar feel in NY – I just stayed at the Rivington: – Amazing rooms, great views (floor to ceiling windows), best bed I’ve ever had in a hotel (Huge Temprupedic Matress) , and the area is really exciting (lots of young and active places to go out)

    Still – Hudson has the best lobby by far…

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