Wait a second

some stop lights here in new haven, have a countdown indicator

so while you wait, you know how long you wait. 22, 21, 20 in 19 seconds we can be in motion again, make that 17.

that is great.

it makes the wait a lot easier. i hate lines, traffic jams. a hidden hand is taking control of my schedule.

how many times have you disconnected the phone-call with the call-center at your service provider after 30 minutes of listening to

  • ‘dear customer’
  • ‘sorry for you wait’
  • ‘our agents are busy helping customers just like you’

i always think that perhaps i am not so dear, and they really are not that sorry for the wait. ‘how dare they!, do they know who I am…’

but the wait is made easier when you know how long it is going to be. right?

but wait,

why do we hate waiting so much. when a friend is late to a meeting, are you a bit frustrated?

can we ‘make this threat an opportunity’

tell the friend ‘thank you’ when he arrives 10 minutes late? (and i have some friends you can “count” on).

our lives are too busy.

so we are actually getting a moment to stop, and think, to be with ourselves. isn’t this actually what we desire?

i find that when i get this moment, it if is 30 seconds at the stop light, or 10 minutes for someone’s tardiness, i….

pick up the cell phone to call someone or look at the blackberry to catch up with emails.

so perhaps

  • i am busy being busy
  • am i afraid of being alone?
  • have not found the happiness in doing nothing

but wait a second.

have you not found that during trips, holidays, it is the things unplanned that turned out to be the most fun?

that great ideas come when we relax? (newton and the apple – it is because he made time to nap beneath the tree that he came up with the idea of gravity. i was always fascinated by the story of kekule and the structure of benzene [also known as ouroboros, which is beautiful, and deserves its own blog some day] and that it had come up in a reverie, or day dream)

so it seems i am not letting myself to let go. perhaps you too? but we are actually preventing from ourselves many great ideas, opportunities and dreams. look at that squirrel climbing the tree! Man, these beautiful, sunny, Saturday, autumn afternoons in New England are fantastic.

so i am becoming better at doing nothing, day dreaming.

when you are tired you dream of sleeping. when you are busy, dream of day dreaming.

so i need to do less planing. to love the time of nothing.

plan to be surprised

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