community development

from urban planning course with Alexander Garvin

key takeaways:

communities change. by themselves. think bottom up. utupian top down planning often fails.

think of neighborhood as a ‘market’. analyze trends. income, house sizes, family sizes, age, how long they live there, ethnicity.

how do you know when public action will sustain private reaction?


usually neighborhoods change because of :

  • location. new areas become more popular. suburbs
  • design. functional obsolescence. new needs
  • market. change in population, tastes
  • finance. costs escalate, prices do not (regulation)

neighborhoods coming back:

who takes the lead?

  • regulation: re-zoning promotes entrepreneurship
  • incentives: tax
  • investments in public realm. does not always work
  • complete clearing ‘stuvysant town‘ and le corbusier vision as part of the modernist movement.

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