barcelona is one of the greatest cities i visited. art, fashion, food, and the remarkable history of spain come to mind; the development and emergence of the country since franco’s death in 1975 is to me an indication that poverty is not forever.

last week went to Barcelona wine-bar in new haven. it is actually a tapas bar.

here is a piece of advise regarding restaurants in general.

when you go out for dinner, do not order an appetizer and a main course. just order two appetizers.

you will be less full, save money, and in most restaurants the appetizers require more work and are more exquisite than the main dishes.

that’s the idea behind tapas. several small dishes so you concentrate on talking to your friends, not the food. hopefully with a glass of red wine

Barcelona is therefore recommended. Manhattan like atmosphere and good tapas. the rest depends on the conversation.

One Response to “barcelona”

  1. Sagi Rubin Says:

    Go watch Vicky Christina Barcelona
    not mainstream… raises some thoughts – would love to hear your impressions

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