there is too much reading in my life at yale right now.

decided to pick up on fast reading skills. try it. you can improve by 10-20% in a short while and 50% if you practice.

a few thoughts:

– as with everything in life, sort out first. skimming is allowed. if you try to do everything and do it all well, you will not

– think of outlines. the writer of an article or chapter had to come up with an outline or structure to frame her thoughts. if you can uncover it (first paragraph, last paragraph, first sentance of every paragraph you can get the main points and later decide if you want to go back

now  to some neat tricks

the frsit one is that you do not have to raed evrey wrod solwly. the fsrit and lsat letetrs pordive engouh inorfmaiotn. so train yuor eeys to mvoe fatser. yuor brian will do the rset.

the second neat            trick is that           if you read a few words       each time the eye

moves you will                    read much faster.      again, all you have              to do is train

the eye to             move faster and                  not to slow          down the brain.      read more than

one word at a time.


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