risky business

so carmel, our daughter is back in israel.

it has been 3 weeks she returned from her trip to poland. quite an experience.

10 days into her time at home, and we get the inevitable call

‘i am going to throw a party’

now, we know that would happpen.


the same week, the 25th anniversary DVD of risky business came out.

some of you may remember the original, one of Tom Cruise‘s first movies.

while his chicago parents are away for a few days, he crashes the porche and in a highly entrepreneurial fashion and rather quickly throws out a party to make up for the loss. the hugely under-rated and highly attractive rebecca de mornay (if you have not seen ‘the hand that rocks the craddle‘, please do – it will give you the chills and Dealers i enjoyed as well) helps out in more ways than one (remember the train ride scene?)


so, i asked carmel how many people she intends to invite. 5? 10? 15?

what do you think was the answer?

40 (this means she invited 60 – the entire class of 2009)

how many do you think showed up?

60? nop

100? almost


still have not gotten the full damage report.

the nice aspect of this story is that everyone had to pay 20NIS at the door to pay for drinks (please do not ask me what kind). at some point in time when carmel and 2 friends who helped out saw that uninvited underclassmen are coming, they decided that those who are not invited will pay 50NIS. the result? 2000 NIS profit.

so hurray for entrepreneurship.


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