vision without execution is hallucination

leading a global company with geffrey garten. ex under-secretary of commerce, ex dean ex managing director of Blackstone Group

book: the mind of the ceo

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are we going thru inflation, deflation, stagflation? for how long?

EMERGING markets. 2000 75% of gdp was in emerging markets. in 2050 25%.

expansion will occur in ‘new countries’ = non OECD, and new groups within those countires

CSR is big, especially for young employees.

CEOs see their role as one that overcomes and eliminates the barriers within their organizations. but they are global leaders. statesmen who deal with multiple governements and the environment.

role of CEO changes. it is too big for one person in a global company.

delegation is a key managerial task

CEOs share:

  • energy
  • surround yourself with great people
  • execution. whatever you do, do well

some good qualities for cross-sector

  • measure
  • know what you do not know
  • what is success, know it in your mind, define it, make it known.
  • ability to assess ‘what is the problem’ in complex scenarios
  • listen. people well tell you a lot of stuff. ‘bury the lede’

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