ex president Clinton

ex presdient clintion was here for the 35th alumni reunion.

he came here at age 23 and within 20 years became presidnet.

he claims helping runing a campaign thought him a lot. could be a fun experience.

some thoughts:

turn good intentions into positive changes

what people want from you:

  • you care about them
  • you respect them
  • you want their children to live

advice to a young man:

be happy, life is short:

happy has two aspects: help others, and try to do what you like and you are good at.

so there is a catch, good and happy go together.

evidence argument policy and law are 4 essential pillars of government. need to understand this better

great arguments are circular

while listening to him, absorbing his charisma and poise, intelligence and analytic abilities, i could not help but think how he got involved with Monica Lewinsky

even great people are human, not perfect.

what was it about her? what point in his soul was she able to touch?

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