ex Prime Minster Tony Blair

Tony Blair is teaching a class here at yale on fiath and gloablization. a 3-year deal

first, i thought about the fact that everyone wants to come to yale instead of retirement.

next, it is interesting that it is a fixed-term contract. perhaps we should do the same with CEOs and with ourselves in the VC industry. otherwise, we give a false illusion of ‘forever’ resulting in an expected but undisclosed golden parachute. i think there is a lot of power in fixed term deals. when it is over, if both sides want to, you can always extend. i believe this alleviated complacency that comes with taking relationhsips for granted. would you be willing to have your marriage as a 10-year contract? worth a separate blog.

my biggest takeaway from blair

Lead and Listen

america is not doing that.

the ability to listen and not think too highly of yourself comes with many great leaders.

it is part of an important quality by which i try to measure people: ‘do you know what you do not know?’

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