power, manipulating people. use there biases to get to the decisions you want

key terms/resources for lecture

nudge is a must read book. sets a libertarian paternalism tone for government to create bias to people’s behaviors. becoming a big policy book. e.g. government should make organ donation as an opt-out.

for a critique of nudge, take a look at


for a review:


for top 12 nudges look at: http://nudges.wordpress.com//2008/04/our-dozen-nudges1.pdf

dan ariely’s book – predictably irrational is makes waves.

save more tomorrow. creating a bias for long term saving vs short term . opt-in vs opt-out. organ donation.

key takeaways:

manana – i will do it tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes

start retirement savings at 20, 10 years x 2K

common information bias. groups tend to share the common information, not the unique. so if we all know 5 good things about james and each knows 3 different good things about david, james will come out as the better guy

how to solve, facilitation, experts, straw man, delphi system

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