william vance media expert.

key takeaways:

i think… because… for example..

a pyramid structure for claim, reason, evidence. called ‘message houses’

how to avoid what you want to avoid and glossed over:

  • use abc. Answer, Bridge, Conclude. acknowledge shortly and bridge to messages
  • sometimes acknowledge not going to answer? No
  • have a tiered answer approach. use first tier, then next.

using melody with an accent:

  • highlight one idea per sentence. can be just a word
  • authority through controlled speed and short sentences
  • avoid up talking at end of sentences. local problem. seeks affirmation.
  • shift gears per audience. carli fiorina start hesitant and approachable in a book store, then gears up

on camera is different – you need different clothing.


team sharing its struggles and tips:


  1. how to keep it to short
  2. hands – what to do with them
  3. how to keep to key issues: media wants controversy. so forge objectivism. let the provocation begin.
  4. get nervous, especially TV especially foreign language. focus on what you know reflect confidence. speak slowly. acknowledge the anxiety? how to turn fear into a plus?
  5. what you want to say as an expert vs what you can say to keep loyal to employer. tension between personal and corporate views
  6. speed and rhythm. sometimes too fast.
  7. over prepare. too much written down.  a big discussion o ideas vs whole script
  8. do not like to look at the camera
  9. speed. take your time.  on contrary contain time management. report in 1 minute.
  10. getting to the point. better error on too quickly
  11. explaining technical information that can be understood by the general public
  12. framing you and your point of view. ‘reformer’. can connect with the man on the street. linguistic tricks

opposition prep

a friend takes your point of view, you oppose it. this is great practice. reversal of mind set. 3 times before interview.

press kit

good photo. it is a kind of art. not just a photographer, photshop artists as well. but costs money. worth it. $200 for a good photo, $10k for a kit

one friendly, one serious.

build a bank of lecturer topics

build a bank of feedback/appraisals

royce carlton inc.,


  1. keep it simple
  2. think of context. who comes before, after, how to dress. research on invterviewer
  3. nothing is off the record
  4. be yourself. do not adapt someone else’s style. others know less than you
  5. ask questions before. avoid surprises.
  6. record yourself. so if you are out of context, you have a proof.
  7. write bullet points (could be used as a soundbite), keep to them (to control quotes out of control).
  8. do not drink water. on camera, it can show shake (weakness) or need to go to the batheroom
  9. do not interrupt the interviewers. if asked a long question, answer with one of your messages. reframe. do not show emotions during long questions.
  10. on camera, keep answers to 30 seconds. good energy. learn to have an internal clock. claim then substance.

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