bottom of the pyramid

competitive market analysis for NGOs

key takeaways:

there are 4 billion people living on less than $2 per day. think of them as a market. totally new design and distribution.

c.k. prahalad. at U of M considered top business thinker is the leading BOP thinker and entrepreneur

jessy shapiro chicago, nava ashraf harvard

rather than give to poor, offer to sell, once they are willing, give. you get vested interest with a selection.

worth while to discuss the sunk cost fallacy.

list chicago karlan yale – have good work on donor matching.

uri gneezy ex mit now nyu. famous children kindergarten experiment.

michael kremer, harvard – price does not work well when community takes care of it.

dick thaler, there is two of us. bad guy and good guy. ‘commitment’ is how we trap the bad guy. see nudge, perhaps the most important policy/behavioral book of the year

wisebrod did some work on venture philanthropist have little ‘crowding out’ problems – ‘they do not need me’


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