ET call home

moving fall

moving fall

after an intense week with us, carmel and yuval are back home in israel

 our 4 angels

our 4 angels

click here for photos (above are some examples)

this is a great shock for us all

we are homesick. like ET

ET go home

ET go home

a great felling of emptiness. we are missing our friends.

our stay in new haven is half over. all of a sudden we are focused on what we have not done yet, and that which we will not do. the shattering of dreams. we now need to hang on to a few lower-end aspirations of what can still be achieved. the sky is a bit less blue, the trees are with less leaves, the mornings are cold and gray, the house is less warm in the evenings.

depression ( although the girls made sure the local economy will prosper. lots of shopping. 100 lbs of overweight at 15$ per pound…)

depression is a feeling one should cherish, not reject. do not over-analyze , nor deny. like ground water creating a well, or a cave, it cleans your soul and creates cavities – room for future happiness.

4 Responses to “ET call home”

  1. Ran Arad Says:

    Great post! Missing you guys. I’m planning to be back in NYC on Dec 6-7 – hope to meet again.

  2. adisababa Says:

    ran, that would be great!!!

  3. Sagi Rubin Says:

    I can really relate to this one… not necessarily depressed, but definitely home sick.
    Your first sentence summarizes it nicely – “a great felling of emptiness”
    i think this is the real problem with living in the US. you don’t have your family and friends, and the smell of the warm ocean air…

  4. adisababa Says:

    sagi, as you are in the US west coast, i will share what a friend who lived there for several years told me. ‘it is heaven, but without scent’

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