it’s all over

i was told not to converse about sex, religion and politics.

for those who know me, i love talking at least about some of these.

today, politics.

Since our arrival here, the US elections have been of real interest. it seemed to be a close race. everyone at yale is for Obama. the question is how will america, not north east academic elite, vote. i have an answer. before that, a poll. click here

Obama is going to win the elections in a big way. it is not going to be close.

a few reasons:

  • he represents change, and that is what the public wants
  • he is likeable
  • most new voters, young, hispanic and black will overwhelmingly vote for him
  • some people believe that people will change their mind in the last minute, because obama is black. this is known as ‘the bradely effect’. there is now indication of a reverse bradely effect.

now, let’s assume this is indeed the case (please comment if you think otherwise), how do we make money off of this idea? i would love to hear your thoughts. an example may be: government gets into health markets, more people get access to health and medication (perhaps at lower costs). who will benefit from this?

your comments are highly desired

for some nice graphics on polls, click here

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