convenient inconsistency

A friend suffered through a humiliating incident. he wanted to rectify his dignity

it was time for help, to gear-up the forces. he was looking for support from colleagues at high places, in power, with an ability to create change. the issue on-the-line was inconveniently placed between the public and private spheres. the kind of stuff we rather not talk about. easier to let it go.

instead of receiving support, he was silenced, asked to let go. the trust promised was translated into emptiness. at the moment-of-truth, a crucial irreplaceable time to act, not just talk, it was easier to domesticate the spirit.

the fire inside is not gone, it is just not visible. it will erupt. it is not a question of ‘if’. it is a question of ‘when’ and ‘how’. humiliation, loss of dignity, the gap between stated values and actionable values are never forgotten.


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