alienation despite proximity (or because of)

new haven and the american city

policing public spaces and public life

key takeaways:

  • public spaces do not just exist, they are produced socially by being there
  • right of expression vs privatizing public space. think of 2×2 matrix. x-axis, exclusive, y axis sameness (private club vs downtown street) (diner vs airline business lounge.
  • “It is difficult to design a space that will not attract people. What is remarkable is how often this has been accomplished.”
  • sign saying ‘drug free zone’. ‘do not throw garbage’. a place where information is disbursed and consumed. graffiti. roman forum. internet today. cafe as a ‘third place’ semi private. price of admission is a cup of coffee. open realm, people watching (latest fashion). get a newspaper


design of public realm

e.g. central park NYC. designed for stroll. think victorian stroll, tip of hat. a teaching place for lower classes regarding civil norms in the public realm. individuals engage as public citizens

a man sleeping on a bench by the public library. is he privatizing the public space? a declaration of problems of the homeless.

rockefeller center, public participation. corporate plaza. statues. privately developed public places.

william h whyte . street life project. place-making. places need to be managed? programed (e.g. reading room in bryant park)? does this make them less public? stay off grass vs lay on grass. where and why do people skateboard. is their reason appropriation of space (vs designed skate park?)

book City: Rediscovering the Center (1988). others re urbanism: Is Anybody Listening? (1952), Securing Open Spaces for Urban America (1959), Cluster Development (1964), The Last Landscape (1968; “about the way metropolitan areas look and the way they might look”),The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces (1980), City: Rediscovering the Center (1988).

also wrote a book: 1956  The Organization Man (CEOs and organizations)

modernist public spaces are cold austere? see neoclassist plaza di’italia in neo orleans. yale dean designed. yack

seagram plaza, nyc, where do people get food? sit? kids love getting wet. people look for shade on a sunny day (millinium park, chicago). design matters.

skateboarder as a pivot for policing. not always welcomed. corporate plaza.

polic officer as a leader, mentor. not as reactive to crime. europe is better at this than US or israel. why. just walking the beat. whistling and making circles with the rope of a whistle (hashoter azulai?)

sign saying drug free zone. do not throw garbage. a place where informatiion is disbursed and consumerd. graffiti.

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