urban design – fond of extreme

alan plattus on urban design and sustainability

key takeaways:

  • urban explosion may be a reason for the plight to suburbia in 1920s -1980s and end of american city. will that be repeated in large urban areas developing outside the US today.
  • ‘fond of extreme’
  • if you think of the american city as an organism, it has done a great job: grow, spawn
  • monofunctional and focus (automobile society) took us a way from the complex, fabric vs fabricated.


explosive rate of urbanization in the 1870-1920, chicago in 1830, 1890 (fire in between)

linked green spaces as a ventilation to industrial cities

riverside IL, planned (holmstead) idealized environment as a repsonse to industial city.

planner were radical. ‘replace the old’. militant language. cure

‘walking city’ when things are wrong, the city moves.


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