you can always go, down town

look at several lenses:

social stratification, the global economy, culture&consumption

key takeaways:

  • revenge of the push cart – in the past dirty, now fun.
  • even art in all the revived downtown are the same – painted cows (started: local, chicago) have become generic. you got to have it if you want to compete. sophisticated, ‘with-it’
  • boston: ‘the big-dig’, from highway to greenway
  • a hierarchy of global cities is forming. a celeb architect helps.
  • in revived festive market places there is a commodization of local knowledge. e.g best restauarants have a branch in tel aviv port.

discussion and terms:

duke ellington, ‘tourist point of view‘, far east suite

check also the song, ‘down town‘ by petula clark

the difference and hierarchy between people who work in highrise and those we clear the waste baskets

a place to stroll. icon of the city.from authentic view of a city, to becoming the same across the globe. e.g. harbor place baltimore md, fisherman’s wharf, SF, CA

a man scaring people tipped by others. if you are frightened, you wait to see another frightened


‘the point’, blue to white colloar, industry to office, rail to road, dirty to clean, hapazard to planned

james rouse, developer, ‘cities are fun’ the festive marketplace. e.g. harbor place baltimore. architect, benjamin thompson, cities are safe, fun. rouse needs to be researched. an admirable figure

fulton fish market, lower manhatten. recently moved to bronx. no longer appropriate city activity. rouse turns it into pier 17

riverfront walk in san antonio, tx.

The other side

the immigrant express, queens new york. you are travelling through worlds, cultures and values to the other side of the city

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