friday night was Halloween. like most non-religious holidays, it is a great deal of fun.

Tal, calls it Talloween. She dressed up as the little mermaid, but most people thoughts she was a princess. it was cute to hear her say ‘thank-you’ in english to each ‘donor’.

a few thoughts about Halloween and trick-or-treating:

  • no one asks for a trick
  • no apples this year
  • it is interesting to see how in the 40 seconds or so you are in front of a person, you feel so much humanity and ascribe so many traits to that person at the door: according to how they open door, greet the kids, what they say, and how they pass on the candy. some people love giving, some do it without a smile
  • as a 3 year old kid, what goes on through your mind when all of a sudden, people you do not know give you candies and act so nice to you?
  • in a society in which kids hardly walk the streets, and greeting strangers is so uncommon, it was great to see, the streets full of kids at night, the many, many decorations, the smiles, greetings. the basic instinct of disliking strangers and protecting the private space changes to liking strangers as a default, feeling a sense of community, and opening up. what a difference a day makes

to see your child’s eyes sparkle – priceless

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