through the eyes of the gods

Robert Haas. Financier, Photographer. ex chair of 7-up

key takeaways:

balance. center of gravity.  the importance of finding a center of gravity. like paddling a canoe alone. one motion takes you off center, the counter motion creates balance.

greatness often comes from a fractured background

happiness meter – like a thermometer. sometimes goals need to be reset. crises as a way to reset dials.

going back in time. happiness has to due with a loss of sense of time

frog leaping across ponds

grace as an anti-ego

your best work yet. renoir, matisse

Success, Failure, success

look at your son

adult discussions with your father

Fail! touch the flame, get burned a little

“former artist”

my fate is to challange fate

art – handover of jusdgement of success

breakup of a group


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