interesting links



in CT

in austin, tx

artist, cont art

elizabeth peyton

small quality authentic art pieces

economic history and development

short econ history of US

econ noble prizes

douglas north, institutions and changes

herbert simon polymath

cowles foundation

biz improvement



Tom Peters’ website

and the many related ideas and theories on this site, for example:

Herzberg’s Motivational Theories

McGregor’s X-Y Theory

Adams’ Equity Theory

McClelland’s Motivational Theory

Teambuilding and motivational activities, for example the Hellespont Swim case study and exercise

more free materials, diagrams and other resources on the main businessballs website,




water shortage

water myth


adam smith

brainstorm conferences


great stats

best talks

communism, kapitalism, values, adam smith

psychological biases

nudge and similar

two-factor theory


moral nihilism

frankfurt school

mclinden media communications. helped reagan


stoneyfield farms

carl jung

self reflexive

stanely milgram social psychology six-degrees, authority

bayes statistics

le courbousier 5 points

nation state

books the end of the

robin daws psychology, experts are not better than anyone who gives attention

culture matters peace corps guide to effectiveness

general open wikis

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