Rosa sat

rosa sat so
martin could walk so
barack could run so
our children could fly


it is the week after

we are priveledged to have been here during these elections

what an exciting time. it is rare that after an election, you wake up the day after, look out the window and believe in hope. hope that your kids potentially will inherent a better world. that change is possible, that things will be different.

obama’s campign was amazing in my mind. so thoughts to takeaway:

  • it is a grass root movement. 3M contributors. it may change the way big money and politics are associated in the future
  • for a similar reason to the above, it may change the world of lobbying. people who care can participate, and be connected to their candidate the way democracy intended. direct and with accountability.
  • many new voters, mostly minorities. by 2050 minorities will be a majority in the US.
  • if he can ran the country the way he ran the campaign…..
  • many black people i saw the day after, with joy, did it with dignity. i have had the occasion to see new regimes gain power with vanity. not this time.
  • Obama’s acceptance speech as well as McCain’s speech, were for the ages. unity and dignity. america will have to become america: together, hard work, sacrifice. bakc to basics


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