left of center, wondering about you

Went to see suzanne vega last night. really enjoyed it

a few thoughts:

  • in one of her songs, she claims NYC is a women, sometimes a lady. and Tel-Aviv, she asked? “Gay man” was one of the responses
  • we sat row 15, not close, but not far. there were 2 large screens to the right and left of stage. i noticed that most of the crowd looked at the screens, not towards stage. interesting. you go to a live show and you watch the screen.
  • a few hours before the show, i suddenly had second thoughts. after the show i was wondering how i could have been in doubt. has that ever happened to you?
  • research shows we are better at predicting short term happiness than long term happiness
  • Tom’s diner, 112th and broadway, where seinfeld et al were sitting so often is such a beautiful capture of the moment, and also of semi-public sphere in america

we went to the cocert with our roomates from the late 80’s, ronit and lior

really brought back memories

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