TED synapse

after a few days at TED, here are my key takeaways:

  • the power of music. No matter how much you love music, i still think it is an under-rated power. a creative medium, that bri ngs people together and is a great channel of communication with young people across cultures. if i hate them so much, how come i do not hate their music?
  • deterioriation of the environment. we are consuming more than we are providing. even if you are not a believer in climate change, you can still reduce your ‘carbon footprint’ and help reach balance in more ways than one
  • education is the solution. if there is one place to invest to improve the world, it is in education. especially for women in the developing nations. these women will help their kids get education as well. most problems, when reduced and distilled, come down to education.

more later

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One Response to “TED synapse”

  1. ophirk Says:

    At one time it seemed more Information would help better Education.
    In that sense access to knowledge is “almost” free.
    If a kid is curious he can learn all about science just from browsing Wikipedia\BBC\Discovery Channel.

    Still there are no more scientists in either USA or Europe.

    Similarly , although the TV floods kids from ages 1-6 with happy ending,learn-your-lesson stories it does not seems the adults are growing to be more ethical.

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