prepare for life with no pension!

if you are like me, you are thinking about retirement and pension

do you want to start retirement early? well you need to save more money

with life expectancy on the rise, and social wellfare systems on the fall, i think it would be smart to prepare for life without (social) pension

this would mean start working less, maintain a good work-life balance, treat your body well and relaize you are going to live and work this way well past the age of 65!

that retirenment age is no longer relevant, and your ability to save up is reduced because of lower predicatability about how long you will live and how how large your medical bill is going to be

so prepare for life with no pension and no retirement!

what can we do about it?

i am going outside to have a smoke

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2 Responses to “prepare for life with no pension!”

  1. Chrissy Says:

    I am like you thinking I need to prepare for retirement, for death, everything.
    I found a great informative book called Die$mart by Kathy Lane.
    I learned how to distribute my assets after death.
    I missed a whole part of the planning process—long term care.

    • adisababa Says:

      i think this brings up 2 issues which i will try to blog about in the future
      – parenting your parents. we will soon have 5 generations alive in many families
      – caring for care and the costs involved

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