10 years ago i had a plan

i had just finished INSEAD, considered a top MBA school, and perhaps the best out-side the USA, home of Capitalism.

MBA is where you learn to swim with sharks, taught that the purpose or raison d’etre of a company is to create shareholder value, and success is measured by numbers. usually with the ‘$’ in front of the number.

by contrast, at the Yale World Fellows Program, people are measured another way.

much simpler

how much have you helped others.

anyhow, learning marketing and as a young MBA, i came up with a personal development program, and i even branded it: “10 x 10”

work like a dog for 10 years and make $10M

it is now 10 years later. (actually more). and i can report that i get high grades. i did work like a dog for 10 years.

so much for long term planning.

i guess setting the right goals may matter more.

or perhaps the goal is not to have goals?

looking for my 10×10 plan, i ran into an email i sent in 1998, trying to report to a long lost friend about my top 10 events in the 10 year 1988-1998

it is fun to make such a list and recommend that you do as well

i will try to make one up for 1999-2009 in a future post.

anyhow,  here is the list from July, 1998

Top ten events of last 10 years:

10. Summer eve, eating watermelon, after 3 World Cup soccer games and game 6 of

the 1998 NBA finals in one day (june 14, 1998). Our responsibility as sports fans sometimes is

just too demanding.

9. A week in Tuscany. living in a rented room with the locals. one hill away

from San Giminaiano. by the pool side. Drinking the house made Chianti (=$2),

reading a book . Knowing a great dinner is ahead after several hours in Siena during the bi-annual horse race, The Palio

8. Getting into INSEAD (fontainebleau, France =MBA) on the day i was told i must undergo a back surgery as a dislocated disc was harming the nerves leading to my left leg.

7. Ski in Val D’Isere with friends. great white slopes, blue skies, silence (despite a back surgery 18 month earlier)

6. The sand sea and sun of the Mediterranean sea, the colors, sounds and scents

of open-air markets, the dreams, hopes and laughs of night time conversation

with friends

5. working in Venture Capital

4. 1997 – france

3. the first 3 hours of Jan 17th (?). 1991 when Sadam bombed us. was in the bathroom

with Limor believing for a while that when we walk out alive, most people will not.

2. birth, living with and friendship with 6.5 years old daughter – Carmel

1. sharing my life  with Limor.

birth of child number two (yuval-girl, 4 years old) and number 3 (gil – boy – 6


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