city island

how would you like to live on an island, but in a city?

well, in the bronx, NYC, there is an island. one bridge connects it to the city. it is called city island

last week we went to see the movie city island. Limor my wife, Carmel our oldest daughter, Ran our friend and myself. not a usual combination

in short, what ‘The Breakfast Club‘ did to high school, ‘The Big Chill‘ to post college life, City Island does to family 20 years into this life long exploration. check out this scene between the kids ‘ you shut up. no, you shut up‘. Ezra Miller is wonderful, and i predict will be a big name.

it is unusual to laugh real hard and cry in the same movie. i did

there are some great themes in this movie:

  • fulfilling dreams
  • what happens when great secrets come out
  • trusting someone who does not expect it
  • challenging societies values, and perhaps regretting it

Raymond de Filleta does a wonderful job as writer and director.

this movie is an independent movie and you will not much about it unless you look for it. very little press coverage and reviews to date.

yet another reason to go see the movie

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