pitching a VC – mistakes no one tells you about

sandy koufax the pitch

i have been a VC for over 10 years. have been in over 1000 first time meetings

the purpose of this series of posts is to share with you some thoughts about what i consider mistakes entrepreneurs make in a first time meeting.

press here for the entire series.

often, these items are not discussed and the knowledge that can be shared is lost

that is why i am writing

it seems that the gap between entrepreneurs and VCs especially in israel is growing. and it is Gemini’s role and mine to try and reduce it through blogs and events. i would like to think of the israeli hi-tech sector as a big virtualized company. i am right now in the finance department of this virtual organization. most entrepreneurs are in r+d or biz dev or product management. the fact is, this organization is under threat. it does not innovate well enough. it does not scale. who will suffer from this? our country and our kids. so this is a small attempt to help us work better together

i do not own ‘the truth’. to many of these ‘rules’ there are some very smart and experienced people who will advice you to do exactly the opposite of what is said here. i will try and present an alternative argument as part of good dialectics.

i strongly recommend a book by guy kawasaki called ‘the art of the start‘. many of my thoughts on these and other ‘VC 101’ issues are influenced by his ideas.  some have evolved, some have been polarized.

what is the purpose of ‘the pitch’?

to engage, and get interest for more meetings, a process. so if you do a good enough job presenting your idea, there will be more meetings:

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  1. behind the shadows « Adisababa’s Weblog Says:

    […] take the time to talk with people, find people who know the VCs and believe in you and in your idea and will introduce you and guide you through the first meeting and hopefully start a process. you can read more about my thoughts how to approach a VC, here. […]

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