#3 send material in advance?

Let’s start with why not to send material in advance:

  • you lose the chance to create a thunder
  • the presentation does not explain itself
  • ‘i have not done it with my customers, why do it with VCs?’

these are all good reasons. and i am sure you can come up with more.

My recommendation is to send material in advance.


because you want the VC to be prepared.

learn if you want VC money (and it is a big if worth a separate entry) you are helping me, or another VC, through a process. i think you and i will get more out of a meeting if i am prepared.

now, i am not an expert in every market in which i see dealflow. in fact, by definition i do now know the space as well as you do. especially if you are a domain expert (which i think is an important quality for building a successful company, yet one which can be acquired).  think about this, for better or worse i have investments in Software for financial services, health care IT and water. Can i be an expert in all of these and many other spaces?

so you can help me prepare.( i try to prepare anyhow, often, not to a degree of which i am proud).

it does not have to be a PowerPoint presentation.

it does not have to be the PowerPoint presentation you will use.

but it could

  • help me prepare for an interesting discussion about how you are differentiated from competition (some of which i may not be familiar with)
  • have initial thoughts about why a big company in this space will emerge,
  • have something interesting about you and the team.

this can save time so that during our meeting we will trade thoughts, not just read a presentation together.


3 Responses to “#3 send material in advance?”

  1. Emanuel Says:

    Interesting, I thought about this issue yesterday…
    Good PowerPoint presentation is when there is less text and more visuals. The purpose of these visuals is to catch your attention and to encourage your imagination about something important that I want to emphasize

    When I’m sending something like this to you, it almost useless without my commentary…

    Why an executive summary is not enough?

    • adisababa Says:

      i agree good slides have few words, so do not send that over
      but do send me something that will educate me. perhaps the notes to your slides. perhaps your assumptions.
      my main point, lets make our time together fruitful. educate me in advance. use our wonderful associates to prepare. let make our time together count

      • Emanuel Says:

        Excellent tips. Thank you very much.

        You made me understand an important (and fundamental) difference between a regular presentation and presentation for VCs/investors.

        Different audience requires different approach…

        While in regular presentation the audience are usually passive listeners, VCs wants to have an active dialog and this requires preparation (in both sides)…

        Thanks again, Emanuel.

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