#4 Teamwork?

How many people should attend a VC meeting?

typically for a first meeting, the VC will have one or 2 people.

there are a lot of complaints about VC partners not taking part in ALL first meetings.

my teammate, einat, discusses this issue, here

my main points about why i do not make it to all first meetings for companies in my space:

  • load – there are hundreds a year, and in some years 300+.
  • timeliness – i am not as available as i would like to be. portfolio has too many issues. our associates are impressive and can help me prioritize opportunities and you get a better service.

still, i need to do a better job on time management and timeliness/availability.


the next issue of this post is how many people from the entrepreneur side need to attend.

we are talking first meeting.

my claim: not less than 2 and not more than 3.


if you come alone, you will have a harder time

  • listening and observing
  • understanding when questions were not answered clearly
  • taking notes

if too many people attend

  • the interaction with the VCs is less efficient
  • too much time is used on introductions
  • flow of presentation is more cumbersome, especially if everyone has a part to present
  • the interaction amongst the presenting team becomes difficult, often hurting the fair representation of the actual teamwork

the purpose of the first meeting is to have more.

there will be time to meet more team members in future meetings

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