end of daylight-saving time – שעון קיץ, how depressing!

we set the clock back this week here in israel.

real world leaders.

it is really depressing to see the sun set in the middle of the working day.

discussing the issue with Lior, my best friend and Carmel, my daughter, the issue of religious people and why they want שעון קיץ to end quickly, and other special interest groups came up. why do they want or do not want it?

a few more thoughts:


  • why is it called daylight savings time. what are we saving? daylight? time?
  • i would love to save time
  • religious people want to end DST early. is it because of סליחות? or till when to fast in yom kippur?
  • what was the claim of ארגון אמהות עובדות back in  the late seventies?
  • why do we need to be special and not just align with the European system? last sunday in march till last sunday in october
  • even better, adjust to central european time CET all year

i think people argue about this topic forgetting the real considerations.

the name DST stands for saving daylight, useful in agrarian societies.
The original motivation in israel and many other countries (e.g India potentially – it was to be widely accepted in 2005 – i stand corrected and this did not occur) was to save energy.

but in advanced economies, household energy usage pattern has changed. in the past most of our use was lighting and delaying the sunset helped save energy. now, most of our usage is A/C and delaying the sunset by an hour means MORE energy usage. after asking a lot of people about this, i finally ran into this. this spicy nodes way of presenting the topic is cool, too.

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4 Responses to “end of daylight-saving time – שעון קיץ, how depressing!”

  1. Priyanka D Says:

    interested reading about DST in Israel. India actually does not have any DST. We never get the sun setting in the middle of the day or anything…

  2. Sagy Says:

    Some historical background. The idea was fist suggested by Benjamin Franklin (1784 when he was in Paris, see http://www.webexhibits.org/daylightsaving/franklin3.html). But, among other reasons, since each locality used to set its own time (no standard time) the idea was not adopted.

    In the US there was a brief attempt to implement DST in 1918, but it only lasted one year. Some locality continued to use it, but there was no federal law covering DST. the wide spread use of DST in the US started during WWII. After the end of the war DST was not uniformly practiced until 1966 when the US Congress passed the Uniform Time Act.

    As far as DST being useful in agrarian societies. Farmers were some of the biggest opponents of the DST idea since they start their day before sunrise anyway and DST cause them to have an extra hour of darkness.

  3. Spring forward, fall back « Adisababa’s Weblog Says:

    […] central time so that the sun sets later year round. then would add in the summer. take a look at a previous post on the […]

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