I’m yours

I am on yet another board call. end of q3.

my ears ache from trying to focus on the low quality voice coming out of the cheap speaker.

another $1 in the cost of the speaker would add so much value to the quality of the phone, i would happily add $10 to the price. and that’s before we start talking about the microphone and the quality of sound it will pick up when it is my turn to speak

i feel lonely, and think that if i was in another job, i could be home now, with the kids, instead of alone in an office till 10 pm on the start of a holiday weekend. i think of limor, my wife. i’m hers. or am i?

so, i am defocusing on the conversation, feel a little guilty, and instead of doing email, i test some new music recommended by friends. i really think we should do that more often.

if you do not already know him, here are some links about Jason Mraz introduced to me by jimmy.

I’m your’s

life is wonderful

he has a lot of what you want. great words, nice music. you like it the first time you hear it, you can imagine listening to it 10 years from now.

enjoy the holiday, good luck in q4, recommend new music, not Gelka

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