Love before first sight

Fiona TanEver been in love with someone without meeting them?

an actor or actress, through the silver screen?

how about falling in love with a person without seeing them?

perhaps a friend of a friend, through stories told with bright eyes?

for me, last week, it was fiona tan. a dutch artist. her work in the Dutch pavillion in the 2009 venezia bienalle, called Disorient,  was powerful in many ways:

  • presentation
  • images, their composition, granularity and tone
  • atmosphere and interaction created with the crowd
  • format of videolets, video segments of 2 minutes or less, connected in an interesting way, telling a touching, provoking story
  • how we think of ourselves, how we interpret others

she has quickly become one of my favored artists.

for more on her works and biography, looks at:

the firth street gallery

and a review of her exhibition at the new museum in NYC

and if you have never enjoyed video art before, here is some of the work i talked about from venezia

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