falafel, should be eaten standing

one of the things i love about living in (leaving) israel is that fact that good falfel is abound.

i try to eat falafel at least once a week

it is a kind of reverse tax.

this country takes its toll on you.

falafel is how you take the toll back.

which falfel do you prefer?

each one of us has his ‘home base’, the one that is good to come back to. you have tried others, it has been a while, but coming back to this one is like coming back home, to mama

send me your recommendations.

one of the legacies i try to trams fer to my children is the habit of falafel once a week. man, it is hard when your girls are ‘צפונבוניות’. but that’s where having a son comes in. you can “greps” together.

Gil says falafel should be eaten standing.flafel eaten standing

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3 Responses to “falafel, should be eaten standing”

  1. Alon Says:

    The thing with falafel is that unlike other fast food (hamburger, pizza) the variance is significant. I mean, there is good pizza and bad pizza, but if you like pizza you’ll manage with the bad one and won’t go crazy about a good one. Pizza is pizza.
    Falafel, on the other hand, can actually be heaven or untouchable. It’s quite surprising since it’s such a simple food, but I guess anyone interpret it differently.
    Personally I like Hatuka’s falafel (I think they have 5-6 places in Israel) and if you’re more on the zfonboni side you can have “Falafel Baribua” (Falafel in Squares) which are expanding lately.
    But nothing – absolutely nothing – beats the falafel in Zomet Golani.

  2. gabriel gunderson Says:

    Looks wicked yummy! Wish I could join you. No good falfel in Utah. 😦

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