For those who know him, he will forever be in our hearts

nokia 6310i Back from another lousy business trip

if you are a loyal reader, prepare for a lot of posts about business travel in the next 2 weeks

the sad news, if you have not heard, is that my vintage 2003, Nokia 6310i phone has died.


one sudden day. yesterday

earlier that day people were making fun of me, yet one more time, about my phone and how it does not match my image as an innovator. i commented that it is old and in its last days. little did i know, that we were in our last moments together.

here are some reasons why it was my friend, and a close one at that:

  • great battery life
  • reliable as a DC 3, ‘Dakota’ in our part of the world
  • always with me, business or pleasure

a few thoughts about the current predicament:

  • does anyone have a really simple application for synchronization or back up of the information on your cell phone? too late for me,  i guess
  • do i need to change now all the fixed cell phone car kits in all my cars? boy, they locked me in, didn’t they?
  • does anyone have a spare old 6310?

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One Response to “For those who know him, he will forever be in our hearts”

  1. ophirk Says:

    1. You can get an old 6230i at dizengof center or other places.
    About 300 shekels, but you can bargain :).
    That what we did when I needed an American spare.

    2. If you have to switch you’ll have to switch the power adapters as well, including the American ones.

    3. Nokia PC-Suite does reasonable backup using bluetooh or cable.
    It was horrible , but in last version is just OK.
    You get the CD with your phone, but can also download form their site.
    Orange had an online service to backup, but I never tried it.

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