ubiquity, thanks Aza

for us israelies, this is not what you think, no politics


this is about how to get more out of your browser

this is for those of us frustrated with how we interface with a computer

this may lower the usage of  CTRL C, CTRL X by an order of magnitude

if you are not using Firefox as your browser, i think you should. (biggest reason not to, many Hebrew sites are built for explorer. boo. i use Mozilla as my default and explorer for emergencies)

and if you are using firefox, i really recommend ubiquity

an add on from mozzila labs which Aza Raskin is promoting

it really simplifies your browsing as it understand context.

for a brief demo, look here

to download, go here

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One Response to “ubiquity, thanks Aza”

  1. Emanuel Says:

    Of course you can always use the “IE tab” plugin for website that doesn’t support FF…

    Looks amazing – I already downloaded it. Thanks.

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