Elal’s salt and pepper

After flying 1,000,000 miles with continental, its time for a change.
Pause, breathe..

CO, now a member of the star alliance, sent me a nice letter, thanking me for being a good customer
Somehow, they forget that when I need something from them
I am a bit uneasy about admitting, but a little tear rolled on my left chick
Where did that bastard come from?

Pride? pride  in flying 25 times around the earth, 70 times nyc to tlv?

‘To the moon and back’; the way I answered Carmel, my oldest, when she was young, and asked me how much I love her?

Perhaps it was because of the result of some calculations and  questions:
How much time does that represent?

What if you add miles flown on AA, BA, delta, USair (with a new service to phili,  city of brotherly love)?
Was it a good effort?

What are the results behind this dedicated mobility?

Hey, we are talking 2,500,000 kms easy in 10 years
About 3000 hours on planes, or 20 weeks just on a plane

When you figure door to door is about 2.x averaging short and long flights, we are talking almost a year spent on travel
Security checks, picking up a car, waiting for a taxi in the rain, midnight dinner from the vending machines.
Many days alone.
Trying to perform.
In far away board rooms, always the foreigner, sometimes the native. At times facing great hostility
About 50 days a year

Was it worth it?

(Is that what the tear on my left is telling me? that the answer is No?)

3.141728 exits later and dozens of $m to my investors returned!
my investors who gave faith in my partnership and me
In the entrepreneurs we have chosen as partners.
Who gave me a chance to stretch my self, to the limits; sometime as my body tells me, beyond

It is time to change my habits. Significantly.
El Al, here I come,
The best and worst flights of my life have been with LY. Salt and pepper
Noticed they changed the design of the salt and pepper set
Hey, I loved the old set

2 Responses to “Elal’s salt and pepper”

  1. ophirk Says:

    Impressive numbers indeed.
    In this virtual world it is still hard to beat face to face, in many cases.
    I used to Fly ElAL in Check Point. Now I do Continental.
    The only good thing about ElAl was the food and maybe the FF program.
    Now that continental is part of Star Alliance , it seems they would be even more useful. Why would you want to change ?

    Anyway, I guess the real difference is Business Vs Coach 🙂

    • adisababa Says:

      FF is nice, especially for the family, which often makes the greatest sacrifice during a business trip
      my motivation in writing is frustration
      frustration in:
      -how little even face to face meeting achieve.
      -the frequent travel which creates a discrete life pattern as opposed to a continuous life which i think relates highly to happiness.
      -the overall poor travel experience, door to door. think how little it has improved over the last 35 years. i think it has even gotten worse
      – the lack of real alternatives. voice conferencing and even video conferencing is way behind where we expected it to be. 20 years ago, where did we think both voice and video will be?

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