Nothing is less real than realism

“It is only by selection,elimination, emphasis that we get at the real meaning of things” . O’keeffe’s words are relevant for the VC job as well.

went to the Georgia O’keeffe exhibition at the Whitney, called abstraction. the whitney is a nice building, by the way, designed by Marcel Breuer. its windows are unusual, and can be considered upside down.

i was greatly impressed by

  • how ground breaking O’keeffe’s work was and the pain it caused her to be misunderstood
  • her ability to break taboos and live away from the city
  • her relationship with alfred stieglitz and what it did artistically for both of them. his photographs of her are genius. for their letters, there is a great archive at the yale library . i really am impressed how he saw the light in her early, and promoted her, championed her despite their large age difference ~24 years.

okeeffe by steiglitzwith the fire inside her, and the confidence of a mentor, she had the poise to produce in a prolific manner; and as an avant-garde and true to herself, she had a great, long life.  a bit like matisse’s paper cuts, in her late years she was ill, her ability to produce was reduced, resulting in a new use of color, barely recognizable as O’keeffe.

i really want to spend more time photographing. would love to produce some great photos. good composition, good lighting. and making people satisfied. good art makes my stomach turn. after an hour at a good exhbition i need to rest. the exhiliration i reach is rarely matched by other experiences. a bit like runners high, or falling in love.

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