revolutionary road

just saw the movie revolutionary road for the 2nd time, and i think it is better than i remembered.

my friend Moshe says movies should be watched twice. the first time is to get the plot out of the way. especially for us israelis who spend most of the time looking at the subtitles at the bottom of the frame.

kate winslet is becoming one of my favorite actresses.

mike shannon, was nominated for best supporting actor  because of this scene. seems a bit of an underrated actor. expect great things from him.

check out this scene. extremely powerful

i love it when ‘the truth’ comes out.

it is there. we all know it. we do not forget its existence. we just live every day to hide it. deeper. then, it pops out. when you least expect it.

i believe most people like the truth in small doses. the beauty of this scene is that it comes in large portions. ‘super-size’. a bit too much to swallow.dreams are crushed.

the price people pay to live within expectations of others.

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