what have you done for me lately?

The NY Yankees win the World series in 6 games

mitsui is the MVP. of course, 6 RBIs in the winning game. Mitsui, the mvp, is the first japanese born player to win the title. we are becoming globalized.

notice the following:

  • MVP is in the winning team (which i think should often be the case, but it seems to be ALWAYS the case, at least lately).
  • the MVP of the series is actually the MVP of the last game.

how about Alex Rodriguez, or Rivera? A rod was pivotal in two pivotal games, especially game 4. and Rivera was part of every win.

it seems to me the underlying reason is the ‘recency effect‘:

  • we place more importance on the latest occurrence than we should.
  • we ask people what they have done for us lately, forgetting what they have done for us in the past.
  • in the compilation of the best songs in the past 50 years, or the best movies,¬† songs and movies from the last year or so get a dis-proportional weight.

call mom or dad and say ‘thank you’.


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