aglets for sale

familiar with this word? if the answer is ‘yes’ read on

if the answer is ‘no’ please do as well.

ever feel like you have done great work and nobody notices?

aglets are not recognized by many on-line spell checkers.


from the urban dictionary:

Quite possibly the greatest invention of all time, aglets are those plastic thingies on the end of shoelaces. Without them we would not only be unable to put the laces into the shoe holes, but the laces would become unraveled and absorb dirt and other unwanted materials.

example of usage of the word aglet in a sentence:

I’ve worn my shoes for such a long time that the aglets came off, I think I need new shoes.


my advise: keep the shoes. by new shoe laces.

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2 Responses to “aglets for sale”

  1. Ohad Says:

    Great post

    So what makes one’s drive, the will to explore and invent or the will to be recognized? it could be both, the quantity of each of them and the ratio between them could be a way to characterize personality. {Is it nonsense or agelt}

    • adisababa Says:

      i like the ratio idea.
      i think the need to make things different, to change the world, not to accept things as they are, is a big part of the drive
      lately, i have noticed that even people with little ego and great need to ‘change’ the world, need recognition
      again, the ratio idea to characterize personality types is great in my opinion

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