an option you do not intend to use, but you still see value in getting it, rather than dropping it.

Q: “want to go to a movie Friday night?”

A: “i usually stay home and watch tv, but lets discuss Friday eve”

as human beings, we know it ain’t going to happen, but we still want to obtain the droption, not realizing its value may be close to zero, and usually negative

VCs are a prime example of people obtaining and using droptions. especially not getting to back to a company with a ‘no’ early. they think that by waiting a week to a month something good will happen

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2 Responses to “droption”

  1. ophirk Says:

    That’s a very useful word. Did you come up with it?
    I believe my “To Read” folder in Outlook represents a droption to go through those interesting, low priority emails with a 60 pages PDF attachments.

  2. adisababa Says:

    indeed, this are all originals. try to come up with a few as well. guy horowitz, our in residence copy writer has quite a few up his sleeve. i maintain the right to hear new ones and publish them.

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